Breakfast In the cafe No tour shirt? More breakfast! Crouchy with jacket
Pandyman on ferry Cliff Hall Hotel Cliff hall Hotel Hotel again Terry + papoose?
Moody + jacket At the beach Terry Eyes Brightstone CC
Sheltering from the cold Bus! Tea time More tea Terry again
Doing club up Scaffold Eddie Putz Gez
Ties for dinner Jonty Terry Copey Smiffy
Putz Nige Could be anyone! Eddie Team meeting
Little Jonty More hotel Team photo Team photo Pub
Pub again Pandyman driving Copey not driving Crouchy not driving Copey
Crouchy Nige Wootton CC Little Jonty At the pub
Pub again Nige Nige Can't tell who Jonty and little Jonty
? Little Jonty and friend Ferry Ferry Pensive
Southampton Southampton Little Jonty