More tours
. The Deliverance Tour

The tour was mainehead again, but this time we stayed at the Wellington, a rather odd place with big tellies that did not show the rugby in the morning. Also, the place became a nightclub late on.

2003 shirt

Fixtures were as last year, Porlock and Roadwater. I remember the Porlock game as I took two catches out on the boundary. Apparently, we played the match with twelve players and we did not even notice until it was pointed out to us after the match. The worst thing was, we won that game. After a drink in Porlock we went back to Minehead where we did not have a tour meal. Legend got up to his usual tricks and there were rumours of shenanigans on the beach. Legend also made a mess of his shirt when he took a tumble on Sunday morning, bashing his head on the pavement.

The Roadwater game was again predictable, although they gave a game to a couple of less experienced players. Stumpy took a slip catch in this game.