More tours
. The Tosspot Tour

The tour name was a must all year. There is currently no photograph of this tour because a) My t-shirt said 'captain tosspot' on it and Mrs Smiffy threw it away, and b) Jabba did not go on that tour, and he keeps stuff like that. The shirt did have a big 'IF' on the back to signify all the possibilities of suddenly becoming able to bat, bowl, field, run etc..We will look through the archives etc. I think this was Stumpy's first tour, and he spent most of the Friday evening using his mobile credit to try to get Jabba to join us. Eric helped himself to a mirror from the hotel, and Legend did a fair trade in bananas. The Bull Inn was voted one of the best hotels in the world, even if it was a bit low on mirrors. Swifty decided to take the Stellas on a tour of Bridport's gay bars, and I can't imagine there were too many of them.

Saturday's match was washed out in blazing sunshine after a shower passed over. I think this signaled the end of Bridport as a tour venue because we found out that a number of players were playing for both opposition teams and that they had trouble raising sides.

We took solace in an afternoon pint and hid away from the glorious sunshine to watch the one day international between England and India in a pub. It was all a bit odd, the cricket was fantastic but there were some odd characters in the pub, one dressed as a cowboy with a cap gun, and Legend's 'conquest' from last year with a couple of blokes. The whole thing was rather embarrassing. Stellas has a team dinner in the local curry house befroe Legend disappeared to 'Jane's house' armed with a bottle of wine. I think he actually found a karaoke instead.

Tourists included (I think): Jonty, Smiffy, Stumpy, Baller, Ande Jozwiak, Legend, Skippy, Swifty, Eric, HP.

Sunday saw a game against melplash, and the major incident was a sharp slip catch from J