More tours
. The Two Hotels Tour

If the 1999 tour was not Bob Depledge's finest hour, the 2000 tour was Smiffy's nadir. In the match against Frosties, Scaggsy had not been briefed about the Stellas rules or anything, and gave out the erstwhile Stellas captain LBW. The decision did not go down very well with the batsman, who gave the umpire the benefit of his experience, calling him a 'tosspot.' Strangely enough, Scaggsy then retired from touring. Stellas lost the two innings match. Swifty, on his maiden tour, went for a breath of air during the night and got lost on the way back to his room, and had to rest next to the water heater for warmth. The Stellas were split between two hotels, Legend was sharing a room with Colin. Legend 'pulled' and brought his conquest back to the hotel. Indeed, he used Colin's bed for his nocturnal activities. Colin was a refugee for the night. Worse was to come when Colin saw the lady in question wearing his Scotland shirt.

2000 shirt

In a rather comical turn, the minibus was used to give her a lift home, and several Stellas went along for the ride. Both matches were played at Melplash, and Stellas lost to Frosties again, and beat Melplash again.

Tourists included (I think): Jabbs, Jonty, Smiffy, Ande Jozwiak, Legend, Skippy, Swifty, Eric.