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. The Indoor Cricket Tour

Sausages! The living quarters were the five star excellence of Melplash Village Hall. I missed Friday night because of work commitments, and I missed the famous sausage incident. On Saturday morning, a deal had been done with the landlord of the Half Moon opposite the hall to provide breakfast. Now it seems that Pandyman was rapid to to sausages and helped himself without conculting the landlord on portion control. This has been the subject of continued humour ever since. In fact, during the 2008 season, at the Devonshire Arms, the mere sight of a bowl of sausages in front of Terry induced sniggers in some quarters. Stellas rather fell out with the landlord regarding the portion control, but were more restrained at least come Sunday morning. Saturday night was vert interesting with Bob DePledge preparing for his morning fishing trip by hitting a cricket ball around whilst everyone was trying to sleep. Even Bob must agree this does not class as his finest hour.

Both matches were played at Melplash, and Stellas lost to Frosties again, and beat Melplash again.

Tourists included (I think): Jabbs, Bob DePledge, Jonty, Smiffy, Pandyman, Ande Jozwiak, Legend, Skippy.

I am currently trying to match up T shirts and tours, as they do not fit together very well. As ever, corrections and additions to this are welcome.