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. The Virgin Stellas Tour

A minibus was borrowed from St Philip's church, and was driven by Nige Brinksmat with help from others. At one point, Nige, in an attempt to turn the bus round, found himself in a very tight situation, and needed a bit of rescuing. Stellas lost to Vernon the shopkeeper's Frosties at Symondsbury on an artificial wicket in a 2 innings 20 over match. We stayed at a caravan park type place near Symondsbury. There was a very pleasant karaoke on the Saturday evening in a pub in Symondsbury. Rob Peters became D.C.I Peters to the landlady, whilst Bob DePledge led the Stellas in a beautiful rendition of 'Leader of the Gang.' Nigel Higgins was seen at around 1 a.m. wearing a lampshade. On Sunday morning, whilst visiting West Bay, Rob Peters was caught very short in the minibus and was seen scarpering for the nearest public toilets. I hope he made it. Stellas beat beat Melplash on the Sunday. Smiffy let the minibus run out of diesel when instructions not to let diesel go below a quarter full are ignored.

1998 shirt

Tourists were (I think): Jabbs, Bob DePledge, Jonty, Smiffy, Scaggsy, Rob Peters, Mike Senior, Paul Rich, Nige Higgins, Chris Brinksmat, Nige Brinksmat, Ande Jozwiak, Legend.

As ever, corrections and additions to this are welcome.