Stellas local rules- A summary

Stellas players know their limitations, and while the cricket is supposed to remain competitive, it is important to remember it is a team game. We generally stick to the following variations to the first class game.

1.Games tend to be 20 overs per side except at the start and finish of the season, when it gets dark too early.

2. Each player is expected to bowl 2 overs, except for the wicket keeper, and if light allows, they can get their pads off and turn their arm over.

3. Batsmen are expected to retire at the end of the over in which they reach 25 runs. They can come back in when everybody else has had a go.

4. There are no LBWs except against teams who take it more seriously. As Stellas umpire the Stella innings, it would be rare even in those circumstances to be given out LBW. Note that on tour, Smiffy has been given out LBW twice.

5. Serious leeway is given to bowlers who are clearly incapable. Wides are sort of limited by balancing the need to get a move on with the fun everybody is having watching.

In addition, the following conditions are standard

1. Jabba's toys will appear from the pram at some point, especially if setting the field is the phrase 'spread out' and somebody doesn't do it properly.

2. Proper cricketers are frowned upon

3. Whites are optional, as witnessed by the tour T-shirts

4. It gets a bit serious when it gets close

5. Sledging of ones own team mates is acceptable