Hall of Fame

Jeremy Hunt, the reason why many of us came to the Stellas in the first place!

Jeremy Hunt

John Bell

I moved to the Rise in August 1991, me young Jonty Mrs Rhodes and a bump. I joined Hampset CC soon after. Anyway I used to go for a wee swally on a Friday at the club and met a curly haired slim youth called Jeremy. He asked if I played a mysterious game called cricket. I said I had dabbled in in the late 70's in Glasgow but fitba got in the way. Anyway I turned out for a couple of games in 92. I was er not good. But Jabbs kept encouraging me to play more. Thankfully I heeded his advice. And I have enjoyed 20 years of playing for this Motley Crue ever since. The Stellas have enjoyed over 25 years of existence, and if it was not for the Mighty Jabba we would have not have existed for so long. He instigated our tours, on the 1st ever Stella Tour he fell asleep umpiring at square leg after a few cider. His contributions are also legend, he got one of the 1st Stella fifty's way back when and still proved his worth by taking 3 for 15 in the latest match, pity about the stupid hat whilst batting. So hail mate your induction into the inaugural hall of fame is well merited. On a personal note I appreciate his friendship and support he has given me (Jonty wrote this) over the last 20 years. So finally you can blame him for the embarrassment, faulty livers and reduced bank balances we have suffered since he kept us going. Thanks mate, if it were not for you I would not have had so many good memories and met some darn fine people. God bless. Nominated 2014 as the third member of the Hall of Fame.