Hall of Fame

"Without Dave Reeve, there would be no Stellas"

What can I say about Dave? Without him the Stellas would not have existed, so it’s his fault! Dave came to Odd Down in 1978 from Bristol. He took over the local newsagents from ‘Benjies’ as it was affectionately known early in the year, and very soon became my boss! Dave gave me a paper round which took in Bloomfield Rise, Weatherly Avenue, Somerdale Avenue and a small part of Bloomfield Drive! We often chatted about sport as I packed my paper bag, very often football and rugby, but sometimes the topic of cricket would crop up. Dave started to frequent Hampset soon after his arrival in Bath, and over the next few years , he began to take an active role at the club, doing teas for home games, helping out on the bar, playing skittles for Scorpions B, playing shove ha’penny and cribbage, but most importantly, in 1981 forming a social team to play ‘a few social cricket matches’. In those early years, games were few and far between. Bathampton were our first opposition, thanks to Dave’s friendship with local teacher and former Hampset opening bowler Alan Ruff. Further matches were arranged against local butcher Andy Fenton’s team……….and so the Stellas were born. Dave drove his old estate car to away games, and generally did just about anything and everything, including scoring and umpiring. Players who represented what became initially The Hampset Beer Team were, among others, Gordon Smith, Mike Scaggs, Symon Crouch, Ron White, Mel Caldwell, Nick Say, Andy Fenton, Russell Smith, Roger Eames, Harry Hanwell, Pete Crouch and myself. Over the next 3 or 4 seasons, as number of games increased, so did the number of people who fancied a social game of cricket. Dave stayed involved with the beer team for most of the 1980s, only taking a back seat when other areas of his life began to take priority, and moving back to Bristol when he eventually retired in the early 2000s. Indeed he reappeared to make a guest appearance during our 25th anniversary season, and is always very keen to keep in touch with the progress [or lack of it!] of the Stellas in 2014. Thanks Dave, it is thanks to you, that many many people including myself have had years of fun trying to play the game of cricket! I nominate Dave Reeve to be inducted into the Stella Hall Of Fame. Nominated 2014 as the first member of the Hall of Fame.