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The updated Stellas fantasy cricket league, 2008. You choose a team of five players fron the list below with a total budget of £15. You can score points for levels of incompetence/ good fortune.

Points System for scoring

Each 5 runs scored 1 point Being hit for six minus 2
Each wicket taken 5 points Dropping a catch minus 1
Each catch taken 3 points Golden duck minus 3
Direct run out 4 points Duck minus 2
Run out assist 2 points Being run out minus 1
Stumping 4 points Fielding collision minus 1
Running three 2 points    
Hitting a four 1 point Stella Moment Judge's discretion
Hitting a six 3 points    
Bowling a maiden 5 points    
Retirement 3 points    

Player Costs

Stumpy £2 Putz £2.50
Smiffy £3  Rongo £2.50
Jonty Mac £2 Eric £4.50
Eddie Hitler £3.50 Neil £4.50
Jabba   £2.50 Gez £3.50
Basha £3 Nige £3.50
Baller £3 Rancid £3
LLLL £4 HP £5
Kissifur £4 Swifty £5
Pandyman £4 Copey £3.50
Cecil £3 Skippy £2
Huggy £2.50 Katie £2
John Branston £3

The transfer window is in opration just before tour.

Teams so far:

Jonty's Jam Buttys
Kissifur, Eddie Hitler, Big Nige, Stumpy of Corsham, Katie "Big Ones - runs I mean" Jordan

Eddies 'Luftwaffe'

Kissi, LTB, Basha, Stumpy, Jabba  


Kissi, Smiffy, LTB, Katie, Jabbs


Baller, LLLL, Jabbs, Cecil (in Oz!), Copey (I did really poorly last year)

Jabb's dickheads

Baller, Stumpy, Eddie, Gez, Smiffy