A potted history of Stella personnel across the years

The following have turned out for Stellas, and hopefully I can expand this page as I go on.

Mark Browning (&Bob)

Jon Gordon (Skippy)

Bob Skuse

Tim’s Parrot

Nige Higgins

Nige Brinksmat (young man)

Mark Murphy

Steve Skuse (Captain Beaky)

Mike Scaggs (dead umpire)

Simon Lye

Gord Smith

Russell Smith

Pete Crouch

Pat Kilbane

Steve King

Rob Hendra

Dave Bain

Matthew Box

Tom Alvey

Ollie Dell

Rich Smith

Sam Reeve

Bob Brown

Roger Eames

Mike Senior

Alan Costello

Geoff Goold

Paul Rich

Alan Costello

John Beaverstock

Chris Brinksmat (Stone cold)

Malcolm Smith

Bri Porch

Kev Adams

Simon Crouch

Matthew Reeve

John Budge

Andrew Jozwiak
Chris Collins
John Morrish
Jon Gordon
Iron Fist
Stan Szsotko
Andy Perryman
Bob DePledge
Bloke from Newcastle who turned out once
Charlie Fane
Tom Simcox
John Dolman
Kevin Porter
Ian 'Eggy' Boyle
Paul Swift
Eric Hawes
James Purchase