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Silver Stellas Celebrate 25 years of Mediocrity on the Park, but Storm Ahead in after match festivities!

What were you doing in 1981? Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" was number one for what seemed to be the whole summer, Japan's "Life in Tokyo" filled the dancefloors, rather belatedly, Birmingham City were a rather moderate side, some of us had targeted the Stranglers' version of "Walk on By" as the piece to learn on guitar and many modern Stellas players were a mere twinkle in their father's eye.

At Hampset, things were different. A small gang including Dave Reeve and Norman Rogers were plotting to usurp the club players by putting on their own, rather less serious form of cricket. It reached the point where we are today. Sitting quietly in the corner of the club was a young man from Bloomfield Drive who immediately spotted the potential of this.....

This is no history of the Stellas, although this page would be an ideal place to put one......

The story moves on some 14 or 15 years, when I rolled out at the second attempt at Odd Down for Stellas against Guinness, wearing a white shirt and some tracksuit trousers. I was concerned that I was underdressed. It was cold. My role is unimportant.

2006 saw the silver celebration of Stellas achievements, and a number of typical events took place: a quiz night, a skittles event, a super game bringing back many ex-players, who dealt a lesson to the upstarts, and an end of season dinner at the Rose and Crown at Hinton Charterhouse, which was well attended, with Robbie Bath providing the after dinner speech. It was very pleasing to see a number of people (Jabs, Bobby Dep) having their service to the Stellas noted. The T-shirts produced were some of the best seen, and my feeling was that the whole celebration was appropriate. Jabbs, of course, was the man nearest to the action, and is by far the longest serving player for the Stellas, and he put a lot of effort into setting up the event.

I can never hope to do justice to this event in this page, and I would be delighted publish here anyone else's account of the event.

Interestingly, attention has now focused on the oldest known Stellas regular fixture with Bathampton, and there is talk of playing for a trophy.

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