August 2019
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Can you add anyone to this list of ex Stella players?Ex Stellas

The new season


Star of the week.

8 August. Bathampton give Stellas a thumping just befoe the rain comes.

1 August. A win against Spiders.

25 July. Touchstone get first ever win against Stellas, extending the losing run to 9 matches.

18 July. Hampset prove too strong for Stellas.

11 July. BANES outscore Stellas on a glorious evening at Odd Down.

3 July. Cross's score enough to keep Stellas at bay.

27 June. Defeat to The Ram at Glasshouse.

20 June. Stellas do not set enough to keep Rotork out.

13 June. Stellas cry off not being able to get a team together. It rained anyway.

6 June. A tough evening against The Star.

29 May. Game against crosses cancelled because of rain. A wicket was covered but not the one we were using.

23 May. Stellas fall to Spiders on last ball

16 May. Revenge against Bear Flat Dads.

14 May. An away win at Bathampton as Jabbs grabs a wicket and rolls the clock backwards.

9 May. Bit of a thumping against Bear Flat Dads on a muddy wicket at a freezing Odd Down.

2 May. After about 5 overs game at Peasedown washed out.

24 April. Stellas narrowly fail to catch Bathford score on a chilly April evening at Odd Down

18 April. Season opener sees a win against Touchstone. Retirements for Jake and Clarkey, Tristan takes his first wicket and does not concede a run.

15 April 2019. Season set to start with game against Touchstone. Forum to retire!

Hampset CC

Our parent club, where the post match socialising and tactical fine tuning, or at least the fining bit, happens! Later in the season we play our home games there. Stellas players are expected to be Hampset members.

Bath City

Many of us follow different football clubs, some with more imagination and commitment than others, but we all chip in for our local team, sponsoring a player, matches, or just turning up to support.

No Wikipedia!

They took our entry down, because we 'don't play in a recognised league' so we took our link to them down.